Carpet Cleaning

starts from $1300.00

We clean car carpets, office carpets and residents carpets as well.

Uphostry cleaning

starts from $50.00

We clean your upholstry, house sofas and car seats and accessories.

Second mat

from $20.00

We clean second mat, third mat and car accessories in an affordable price.

pet hair removing

from $20.00

While cleaning your car, we also help removing pets hairs.

leather polishing

from $20.00

Leather policing is our another speciality. We clean your car and police the entire interior and exterior.

leather care & protection

from $20.00

We also offer leather care and protection for your car and house hold items.

Tire Shinny

from $20.00

We clean car tire, interior of your car, polishing and shiny.

excessive dirt

from $20.00

If your car has excessive dir, we clean it with an extra charge.